Part I

Rohmann, Eric. (2002). My Friend Rabbit. Connecticut: Roaring Book Press/Millbrook Press.

This is a picture book intended for 4-8 year olds.

Part II

I knew from looking at the cover of the book, that it was going to be a fun and colorful book, but I was definitely surprised by the lack of writing within it. I really enjoyed how the majority of the book was told through pictures, I think that is a great way for kids to be able to use their imagination. It also causes kids to have to pay more attention to the book, because they cannot just read or listen to what is being read to them, they have to really look at it and figure out what is going on.

Part III

I really enjoyed the style of the book, as discussed above, I think that it is a great way to keep kids engaged.

But, I was not a huge fan of the plot of the book, I feel like the story line of a friend that is a trouble maker is over done.  So many children’s books have this plot, but the Caldecott is based of off illustration, so I completely understand why it received the award that it did.

Part IV

Objective: Students will be able to create their own picture book where they are the illustrator.

With prompting and support, name the author and illustrator of a story and define the role of each in telling the story.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Do any of you know what an illustrator is? What do they do when making a book?
  2. Are the authors and illustrators important when it comes to making a book?
  3. Do you think you could be an illustrator one day?


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