Part I

Good, Merle. (1993). Amos and Susie an Amish Story. Pennsylvania: Good Books.

Genre: Multicultural    Suggested Age: 1st-3rd grade.

Part II

iv. thoughts about particular issues raised in the book: The book is about what a brother and sister who are Amish do every day, such as help plow the fields and can fruit for preservatives. But it does not explain what being Amish is, which I think is important for kids to know before reading this book so that it will make sense. I understood the book clearly because I have previous knowledge about the Amish, but I think it would be confusing for children, they may think that being Amish is like being a farmer or owning a farm.

Part III

The illustrations are the only thing that show that the book is about a pair of Amish siblings. But for children that do not recognize the caps the women wear on their heads or the clothes that they are wearing may just think that the book is about normal people, but that they dress a little funny.

Part IV

Lesson Sketch: Students will be able to discuss how Amos and Susie are alike and different from themselves.

Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.
1. Do you do any of those things at home that Amos and Susie do with their families?
2. What did you notice that was different about how Amos and Susie live from how you live?
3. Do you think you could do all of those things to help your parents like they do in the book?
In groups students will discuss the book that was just read to the class, then they will decide was is different from how they live and what part of the book is like their lives.

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