Pre 1990 Young Adult Book

Part I:

Warner, Gertrude.(1924). The Boxcar Children. New York: Rand McNally & Company.

Genre: Young Adult Chapter Book, 3-6th grade (realistic fiction)

Part II:

III. Thoughts about the craft: Since this book was written in the early 1920s you can definitely tell that it is outdated. Four siblings run away from home and on their first night they sleep on hay bales and wake up to a rooster crowing.  This is definitely not something that most modern day children experience, or would have the opportunity to experience.

IV. The main issue raised in the book is the fact that four children no longer have parents, and run away from the people that want to send them to live with their grandpa. They now have to be adults and fend for themselves.

Part III:

After reading this book I understand why this series is so famous, within a great story it teaches many valuable lessons to children. Though the lessons may be a bit antiquated now, when this book came out it was something that most kids could relate to.

Part IV:

A fun and creative activity for students to do after reading this book is making their own boxcar, and filling it with the things that they think will be necessary for them to survive.

Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension.
  1. Do you think you could survive out in the wilderness like the characters did?
  2. What supplies would you need in your boxcar to survive?