Challenged Book

Part I:

Chbosky, Stephen.(1999). The Perks of Being a Wallflower. New York: Gallery Books.

This is a Young Adult novel about coming of age. This books is banned for many reasons, a few being: drugs, alcohol, smoking, homosexuality, offensive language, and masturbation. After reading this book I would probably only recommend it to high school students.

Part II:

iv. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of how real it is, I don’t think that I have read a book like this in a long time. The author tells it how it is, whether it is about drinking under age or having sex before you are ready, he does not hold back. I think that is important for students to read, especially a the high school age. Students in high school are always told to refrain from things that they shouldn’t be doing, but this books demonstrates a boy who doesn’t refrain from anything and ends up in a psych ward; it is a great lesson for kids in high school.

Part III:

I completely understand why this book has been banned in many school settings, it is very vulgar and some people may think that it encourages the bad behaviors that the main character partakes in. But I think that in a unique way it can show students why they are always told to not do drugs, don’t drink and drive, and practice safe sex.  If I was a high school teacher I would highly encourage my students to read it.

Part IV:

Because this book is not geared towards grade school students, I think it would be best incorporated into two different classrooms, either a health class or english class.

If I were to incorporate it into a health class I would focus on this standard:

1.2.A Explain the impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use on brain chemistry, brain function, and behavior.

The main character in the novel goes through many behavioral changes, you could use the book to focus the students on how the main character acts prior to using drugs and alcohol and what the difference is after.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does the main character act in the beginning of the novel?
  2. Did the drugs and alcohol change his behavior a lot?
  3. How did this behavior change affect his personal relationships?