Week 4 Blog

This week our assignments were quite difficult and time consuming.  We learned about using the program Google Earth and how to create a lit trip with it.  I found this tool to be very difficult to use.  I created my lit trip numerous times, and every time I tried to save it the whole app would close and my trip was lost. Eventually I had to just stop trying and returned to the app the next day and it worked without any difficulty.  The other thing that has taken a lot of time this week is my portfolio.  I had it set up a completely different way than what was asked of us for this class, so it has taken me a long time to reconfigure it but I am happy with the finished product. Overall, I feel like this class has given me so much valuable information that I am excited to use in the future, I now know how useful technology can be in a classroom, and how much more exciting learning can be for students when technology is being used.


Week 3 blog

Last week and this week we worked on the flipped classroom idea, and screencasting.  When I first learned about a flipped classroom in Foundations of Education I absolutely loved it.  I definitely see myself using this method a lot in my future classroom, and I have already had quite a bit of practice screencasting.  I think that this type of classroom is a great way to incorporate technology in a classroom, and if I were exposed to this form of teaching in high school I would have enjoyed school (and homework) much more.

Week 1 Blog

I found this first week of class extremely interesting, especially the shift happens video, which I shared with my two roommates and they loved. I found using glogster interesting, it is a fun and unique way to essentially create an online poster board.  I am very excited to use it more and become more familiar with it.  I look forward to the next three weeks of class, and what I have to learn about technology, because it has become so important in the educational field.